PG-LN200 Laser Welding Machine


Jewelry Welding Workstation

• Manual spot/seam micro welding system with max energy, Ideal for spot and seam welding of gold, silver, platinum, titanium, copper, aluminum and high-grade steel alloy,
• The unique Sweet Spot Resonator improves laser beam quality and increases the ease of use for the operation, Noise reduction for all moving parts; allows operation in a quiet environment, Very low maintenance costs.

Quantity :

1. Power and Laser Source System: 

Double Voltage Adjustable power Supply; 

Original Energy Feedback Technology

Stronger Ability for continuous welding job. 

Top Quality Nd: YAG Single-Doped Laser 1064nm:


2. Combine Water Cooling and Wind Cooling System

Advanced industry water-cooling system, anhydrous automatic power-off and high-temperature alarm makes the machine more stable. More Powerful Cooling System with Less Noise;


3. Observation and Operation System

Cross cursor prompt, and adopt high - speed liquid crystal light valve auto - shading,Deeply Customized Operation Interface, Friendly operation interface, simple, adaptive control recommendations. 


4. New Design Machine Body

More comfortable observation and operation posture for Worker,Improve work efficiency.


5. Exclusive Agency Authorization

Sole Authorization Sales, Free Training, Full Care Maintain Plan.


Technical Specifications






Máy hàn laser, Máy hàn nũ trang, Máy hàn trang sức, laser welding








Model No.



Jewelry Laser Spot Welding Machine

Source of Laser

YAG Laser Source

Frequency of Laser

1-20 Hz


220V±5% / 50Hz or choose 110V/60Hz

Max.Output Power


Max.Single Pulse Energy


Adjustable Power


Pulse Width


Focal Spot

 Adjustable: -3mm/+3.0mm

Focal Spot Diameter


Laser Wavelength

Depth of Weld Adjustable: 0.1mm-3mm
Viewing System Tenfold Microscope or CCD Observation System

Control System

Single Chip Microcomputer 



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